Rigid Dome

Portable rigid frame domes, also known as Geodesic domes, are used primarily for immersive entertainment and may also be used as rooms for carrying out advertising campaigns, presentations, mobile restaurants and conferences in the most picturesque corners of the country, a central square of a city or just about any place. The inner projection screen takes its shape from a vacuum created between the twin wall sealed dome.

Key Features of ASE fixed frame domes:

  • Easy to assemble durable frame and connectors allows One person to install a10 meters diameter dome in less than 2 hours.
  • The diameter of a dome can vary from 3-15m and be used internally or externally.
  • thumb-img2 An automatic pressure regulator maintains the required pressure for optimal projection.
  • No air loss on entering the dome and maintains the domes form when superchargers are switched off.
  • Highly effective modular design with superchargers produce the ideal spherical form for 360 degree media and audio projection.
  • Three-layers of fabric with a density up to 300 g/m2 completely blocks out the external light
  • Provides durability, water resistance and fire resistance of the dome.
  • Specially designed Hipora® inner screen fabric provides highest quality of projection, contrast, colour accuracy and uniformity of light.
  • Hipora® is extremely durable and resistant to fracture, with strong mechanical loads and a microporous membrane.
  • Hipora® fabric has three layers and strengthened, thicker thread in increments of 2 to 10 mm, which creates an overlapping, solid grid making it more resistant to rupture along the grain.
  • Our domes are design with the optimal 24 segments which provides the correct form for the screen.
  • Offset joints between segments ensures maximum durability, making the seam less perceptible, further eliminating any light penetration at the seams.
  • Customised designs of external shells optional.

Approximate capacity of the domes:


Base Diameter m Surface Area m2
Maximum People
Standing Sitting
5.00 20.00
30 16
6.00 28.00
40 24
7.00 41.00
60 32
10.00 78.00
110 60
12.00 113.00
160 90
15.00 176.00
200 150

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