We provide spherical mirror projection and partner with industry production specialists to provide bespoke multi projector systems for larger scale applications

Spherical mirror projection system

Key Features:
  • projection-thumb1
  • Significantly cheaper than fisheye lens systems
  • Located away from the centre of the dome, the optimal viewing position.
  • Allows a choice of projectors, unlike a fish eye lens system.
  • Coverage of the dome can be controlled;
  • Projector brightness 3200 lumens (for 5m dome) up to 4800 lumens
    (7-meter dome)
  • High quality media player provided, laptop and tablet interface optional.
  • Most affordable solution for full dome projection for the required levels of quality.

Multi projection systems

Key Features:
  • projection-thumb1Multi projection Mapping technology
  • For fixed domes with a diameter greater than 7 m
  • Up to 15 projectors, provides incredibly vivid and realistic picture
  • Powerful servers, unique program setup and calibration of images to create breath taking visuals in 20 minutes.
  • Partnered with leading industry specialists and studios.

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